PRism is a communication expert delivering optimum strategic communication solutions in the ever-changing media environment on the client’s behalf.

We provide Total Communication Solution - that includes Communication Tool Mixing, media PR, digital PR, event & campaign, and PPL & celebrity marketing, giving attention to detail to every client to have a better understanding of each client’s needs.

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We carry out marketing PR with systemic and efficient methods for our clients. We design impactful advertisement and proactive PR management plans that strategically boost your business in a successful direction.

Media outlet PR is an invariable key factor even in online-mobile PR era, and the contents delivered through media sources are ever credible and convincing than any other tools, generating stronger brand PR impact .
It’s not easy to live off a single communication tool anymore. An effective and long-lasting PR effect can be achieved only when consistently develop, establish, and implement persuasive brand programs, utilizing multiple communication tools such as PR, Ads, and DM. A Successful solution to social media & digital PR, in particular, relies on how fast and fluid adopt the trends. We suggest systemic and integrated campaign to deliver a convincing message for your business.

Buzz creation with creative contents and expansion to various channels are the key. We carry out customer-oriented communication activities, infusing diversified interactive service that includes new media such as digital ads, online promotion, social media management.
Memedia is bigger than ever. MCN is expanding contents distribution channels by pursuing a profitable business such as PPL, merchandising, event & performance. PRism is also working on native ads, collaborating with clients and brands.